Paleo versus Vegan

We mentioned John Durant the other day, alluding to his appearance on Comedy Central as a guest on the Colbert Report.

Here is some extra web content from The Colbert Nation with a “backstage look” at John squaring off against a Vegan in a hilarious mock battle.



If you’ve followed us for a while, you know we’re big fans of plyometrics.

We have featured “Trappenspenst” or “stair jumping” before, and this little gem is yet another Nordic athlete giving us a glimpse into her “Spensttrening” or “jump training.”

It’s a fundamental skill that anyone can practice almost anywhere.  You don’t need fancy track hurdles.  Any stair or high ledge will suffice.

Urban Hunter-Gatherer

We recently heard about John Durant and his website,, from Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central (of all places!).

Definitely worth a visit to his website if you’re “into Paleo.”  John evangelizes Paleo living from his apartment in NYC (of all places!).

Soft Tissue Work

Eric Cressey takes one of his athletes through his own prescribed daily routine of soft tissue work.

This is a great series that anyone with a foam roller can and should bang out before a serious training session (and ideally afterward as well).

Animal Walks

Today’s installment involves a rich set of bodyweight drills based on animal movements.

By the time you finish trying these, you’ll gain a true appreciation for the bipedal, upright locomotion we’ve evolved into.

Rope Work: The Grappler’s Throw

“The Grappler’s Throw” — a new move to add to our battling ropes circuit.

Clean and Burp

Today’s duet:  10 hang power cleans (135 or 95 lbs) followed by 10 tuck jump burpees.

3 rounds for time.