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Brutal Recess Time Once Again

Another fabulous installment in the Brutal Recess series from Chip Conrad and the Bodytribe.

Here we witness a Brutal Recess from last year composed of froggy-style box squat burpees, sled dragging, cossack squats, and running.

This all takes place after the max effort and max repetition lifting component, which is brutal in its own right.


Clean and Burp

Today’s duet:  10 hang power cleans (135 or 95 lbs) followed by 10 tuck jump burpees.

3 rounds for time.

Timed Pyramid Scheme

Jon Hinds from Monkey Bar Gym shares an interesting format for an interval workout.  Here he presents a selection of 6 movements that get performed each round, with differing work/rest intervals per round.

Specifically, it breaks down like this by round:

  1. 30 seconds work, followed by 30 seconds rest
  2. 40 seconds work, followed by 20 seconds rest
  3. 50 seconds work, followed by 10 seconds rest
  4. 40 seconds work, followed by 20 seconds rest
  5. 30 seconds work, followed by 30 seconds rest

You can go with Jon’s choice of movements or get creative with your own mix.  Either way under this scheme the result is an intense 30 minutes of work.

Only have 20 minutes to work with?  No problem, just choose four movements.

You get the idea.  This can be another card in your box of creative workout recipes.

5 Rounds with the Underground

Zach Even-Esh (a.k.a. Underground Strength Coach) posted a cool workout that hits all the right chords with us.  There’s some tire flips, some sledgehammer, some kettlebell…it’s a nice little 5-round medley.  Enjoy!

400 Meter Sprints

Today we run.  It’s 8 rounds of 400 meter sprints (about a quarter mile) followed by 2 minutes rest.

Four Quarters Stairs Workout

Haven’t tried this yet but sounds challenging.  Up and down 6 flights of stairs 5 times in a row.  Follow that with 2 minutes rest and repeat.  And again and again, for a total of 20 times up and down.  Whew!  A massive workload chopped in quarters with only 6 minutes of rest thrown in.

Thanks to Monkey Bar Gym for posting!

Trying Triad

Today’s workout is directly analogous to the CrossFit Total workout, but using variants of the CFT movements.

1 rep max push press

1 rep max front squat

1 rep max sumo deadlift