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Brutal Recess Time Once Again

Another fabulous installment in the Brutal Recess series from Chip Conrad and the Bodytribe.

Here we witness a Brutal Recess from last year composed of froggy-style box squat burpees, sled dragging, cossack squats, and running.

This all takes place after the max effort and max repetition lifting component, which is brutal in its own right.


Bodytribe Branching Out

Bodytribe trainer Tav is stepping out on his own and creating a Bodytribe-style satellite in the LA area.

Tav can be seen here in a “brutal recess” mobility routine that inspires the body and mind.

Battling Ropes with Zach

Another great vid from supertrainer Zach Even-Esh, the “Underground Strength Coach.”  We love the battling ropes!

A particularly effective movement he has them doing in this routine is the “under arm circles” which really engage your entire body.

Like we always say, start ’em young!

Kettlebell Parallettes

Shawn Mozen of Agatsu Kettlebell fame just posted this instructional video on some drills you can perform using your kettlebells as parallettes.

We would normally call these “poor man’s parallettes” but in actual fact you can make your own paralletes from PVC pipe much cheaper than using these pro grade kettlebells (although Shawn’s line of pro grade kettlebells are sweet!).

More on making your own parallettes in a future post…

Kettlebell Mobility Drill in 3 Parts

Fresh post from Jason C. Brown over at Kettlebell Athletics in Philly, demonstrating a nice kettlebell sequence for coordination and mobility.

In it he combines the goblet squat with bootstrappers and halos.  This work cycle could be inserted anywhere in your routine, from warmup to active recovery to brutal recess.

Simple, but memorable.  Thanks for sharing, Jason!

Find Wholesome Local Food

Many of you probably already know about it, but for those who don’t… the Weston A. Price Foundation is a terrific resource for anyone interested in paleo living.

Visit their site not only to learn about food and health, but you can also look up local chapter leaders who can help you find local resources and point you toward fresh raw milk, kombucha mothers, kefir grains, and all sorts of other interesting goodies for Earth-connected foodies.

Primal Workout Artistry of Rocannon MacGregor

Known on YouTube as ZenKahuna, Rocannon MacGregor is an inspirational role model for primal fitness lovers everywhere. Here is a good representative sampling of some of the many movements and tools in his repertoire, but do yourself a favor and spend some extra time exploring some of his other video posts on YouTube.