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Paleo versus Vegan

We mentioned John Durant the other day, alluding to his appearance on Comedy Central as a guest on the Colbert Report.

Here is some extra web content from The Colbert Nation with a “backstage look” at John squaring off against a Vegan in a hilarious mock battle.


The Crap Some People Eat

Saw this and thought it was funny.  (Disturbing, perhaps, but definitely humorous.)

Ok, so it’s an ad for The Pump Energy Food in NYC.  Haven’t been there but looks great.  Their guy Adam keeps a blog as well, which is where he announced the new video.  Good stuff, Adam!

Breakfast of Champions

What does the diet of a legendary Olympic champion like Michael Phelps look like when he’s in training?  Well, it’s not little chocolatey donuts, as in the classic Saturday Night Live skit with Belushi.  But it ain’t what you’d possibly expect either:

— 3 fried egg sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions, and mayo
— a 5-egg omelet
— a bowl of grits
— 3 slices of French toast with powdered sugar
— 3 chocolate chip pancakes
— 2 cups of coffee

Anyone care to run a Zone breakdown on that for me?  That sounds like a Fight Gone Bad at Denny’s!  (The only thing missing was the full range of motion on the Moons Over My Hammy.)

Okay, so it’s definitely not Paleo, and it’s obviously blown out on the carbs to meet his enormous energy demands.  (He’s clocking 12,000+ calories a day in training!) But does anyone notice a disproportionately low percentage of high-quality fats in that meal?   If he’s performing at that level, he must be doing some serious fish oil supplementation, right?  Who’s with me?  (Barry Sears, would you agree?)

In case you were wondering, the expert quoted in the article said she “would not recommend Phelps’ diet to the average person who hopes to have a high intensity work out at the gym for an hour, but then sit at their desk all day.”

“This is a diet created for an Olympic performer,” she said. “Clearly with 11 medals under his belt, it’s working.”