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Paleo versus Vegan

We mentioned John Durant the other day, alluding to his appearance on Comedy Central as a guest on the Colbert Report.

Here is some extra web content from The Colbert Nation with a “backstage look” at John squaring off against a Vegan in a hilarious mock battle.


Urban Hunter-Gatherer

We recently heard about John Durant and his website,, from Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central (of all places!).

Definitely worth a visit to his website if you’re “into Paleo.”  John evangelizes Paleo living from his apartment in NYC (of all places!).

The Adventures of Barefoot Ted

For those of you who don’t know of him, “Barefoot” Ted McDonald is a self-described “athlete committed to re-discovering our primordial human potential.”

In this video from 2007, we see Barefoot Ted reach the summit of Mt. Whitney (barefoot, of course) for the third time.  This is just one of his many barefooted exploits, as you can imagine.

He is an interesting character on a mission to bring the joys of barefooting to the world.

Brutal Recess Workshop

Had a chance to spend the day with Chip Conrad at a “Brutal Recess” workshop in Southern California.

“Stability, mobility and rotation through playfully intense movements.  That’s the Brutal Recess Concept,” according to Chip.

Wow, what a great time!  With Chip and his fellow trainer Tav as our guides, we took all sorts of familiar tools and movements and proceeded to get creative and funky with them.  The “Brutal Recess Mosey” was just one of dozens of things we covered.

Burpees combined with tumbling; pushups combined with joint mobility; lateral kettlebell swings; Sotts presses; yoga-inspired stretching and mobility routings.  And variation upon variation, leading the participants to realize just how limitless the possibilities truly are.

All in all, a blast and a real inspiration!

Life in Balance

The great Ido Portal puts on an amazing display of what can be achieved when focus is placed on balance.

Mr. America

The Wall Street Journal recently published this review of Mr. America, a biography of Bernarr Macfadden.

Shown above posing at his 70th birthday, Macfadden was known as the originator and primary moving force behind the American “physical culture” movement.

The story of his life is interesting to follow, and we’re going to be on the lookout for this book at our local library (unless we break down and order it from Amazon first).

Battling Ropes with Zach

Another great vid from supertrainer Zach Even-Esh, the “Underground Strength Coach.”  We love the battling ropes!

A particularly effective movement he has them doing in this routine is the “under arm circles” which really engage your entire body.

Like we always say, start ’em young!