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The Iceman Was Not Paleo!

*The Original* Iceman

According to this enlightening NOVA Online article, the famous “Iceman” discovered in the Italian Alps back in 1991 was apparently a bread-eater.  This should really come as no surprise, since he is “only” 5,300 years old and thus post-agricultural.

His rudimentary bread was apparently made from einkorn, which doesn’t sound all that appealing but which nonetheless would have disqualified him from your local Paleo Challenge.

Looking at his ancient remains, we are left to wonder:  “What must his Fran time have been like?”


The Hadza: A Window into pre-Neolithic Living

This month National Geographic put out a fascinating article on hunter-gatherer existence for those of you curious about what “real” Paleo living was like.  You can check it out *here*.