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Ab Roller Substitute

Ross Enamait just posted a demo of a great idea:  using furniture sliders (a.k.a. gliders) as a cheap and portable substitute for ab rollers.

What’s more, they offer new movements, ranges and directions of motion.

We love the idea — thanks to Ross for sharing!

You can read more about it here on Ross’s blog.


Yet Another Bulgarian Bag

So if you follow the site, you know we’re big fans of “fringe” strength training tools such as the Bulgarian training bag.

We have shared some examples of homemade jobbies in the past, and we’ve pointed you to where you can buy the real deal.

Whether it’s store-bought or DIY, if you haven’t tried one yet, you really need to.

Today we stumbled across this latest example of somone’s efforts to craft one himself.  We like this one for its looped rope handles.

Build Your Own Gada

DIY Gada

A couple days back, we touched on Indian gada (or mace) swinging.

Today, as part of our ongoing tradition of bringing you low-cost, do-it-yourself tool-building projects, we bring you another little gem.

Steve Maxwell (of kettlebell and martial arts fame) shows you how to create your own gada.

This is begging to be tried!

(Do post comments, any of you who give it a go…)

Homemade Suspension Training Device

Many thanks to tribal hero Ross Enamait for posting his own finely tweaked version of the device and some demo movements you can use with this cool do-it-yourself suspension training system made from roughly US$20 worth of basic equipment (lashing straps, carabiner, some PVC pipe, rope, and optionally some tape).

Turns out Ross got his inspiration from StevoReed and his original DIY post last month on the topic.

We can’t get enough of this stuff!  These contraptions work great, and a similar commercial device (e.g., the TRX Suspension Trainer Professional) will normally run you about US$150 retail.

Crafting a Bulgarian Training Bag

The Bulgarian Training Bag is a remarkable training tool popularized by the accomplished wrestling coach Ivan Ivanov.  If you have never used one, you owe it to yourself to give one a whirl.  Ivanov’s company Suples is the place to go for the real deal, and they are very high-quality training tools.  However, like any high-quality leather product, they are expensive.  So today we explore a few YouTube videos for the “do-it-yourself” fitness gear enthusiasts.

One of the first YouTubers to post his method back in May 2009 was Matt Wichlinkski.  He gets good results with a minimal investment, as seen here.

A few months later, another example showed up, this time adding some clever little straps to more closely approximate the commercial product.  Not bad!

Finally, most recently, there has appeared a muti-part series on building your own bag.  This time the extra pair of outer grips have been added, also to mimic the original.  Again, not too shabby!  It looks like the innovations keep rolling in…

Part one:

Part two:

Make Your Own Leverage Club

Leverage clubs (a.k.a. clubbells) are a great tool for spicing up your movement rituals, and they’re actually quite demanding in terms of strength, balance, and coordination development. You can buy high-quality gear from companies like Rmax International, but I’ll warn you right now that they’re not cheap.

I stumbled across a cool, do-it-yourself way to make your own clubbell, and today I thought I’d share it with you all. I hope you enjoy, and let us know in the comments if you manage to build one of these bad boys.  Oh, and don’t forget to take a picture.  Or better yet:  upload a rad video of you swingin’ it!  The eyes of The Tribe are upon you!