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Pump Handle Lift

Kevin Wikse shares yet another challenging lift you can perform with a mace or similar implement.  He’s using a 15 kilo macebell here, which is impressive indeed.  We’ve tried it with just a 5 kilo mace and it’s hard as heck.

Performing the lift creates intense torque in itself, but the real burn comes on the slow lever down.  Give it a try!


Karl Gotch and the Mace

It’s show-and-tell day again.  This time we brought a cool video of Karl Gotch swinging a mace.  This was filmed a few years back, most likely in Florida, where Gotch spent his remaining years before passing away nearly three years ago.

Watching this video, his strength was undeniable and his command of the mace impressive.  It’s particularly inspiring when you’re reminded that you’re watching a nearly 80-year-old Holocaust survivor.

Your age or prior setbacks are immaterial.  Your strength is your will, and vice versa.

Timeless Training Techniques

We love discovering and sharing the artifacts we find while out exploring.

This brief clip from an Indian film of the 1950’s provides a nostalgic look into life by the river Ganges.

What caught our eye was the gada swinging, as well as the Hindu squats — both classical movements with enormous benefits.

Swingin’ In the Rain

It’s mace day once again.  Swing ’em if you got ’em.

And get outside!