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Rear Lunge Pendulums

Scott Sonnon shares another great movement you can do with clubbells — the rear lunge pendulum.

It will work your entire body but most notably generates a challenging assymetric load on your legs.  It’s a lot like a one-legged squat requiring additional strength and coordination to perform.


High Intensity Sledgehammer

Eric Cressey is an amazing coach and trainer.  Look at the intensity with which he has this Major League Baseball prospect swinging a sledgehammer!

(And notice the results the athlete got during his offseason…)

This should be the model in the back of our minds the next time we pick up a sledgehammer and get to work.

New Bodytribe Combo: “William of Ockham”

Fresh off TheTube, a wicked new GPP combo from Chip Conrad at Bodytribe.  Cool stuff.

Nice moves and we like the gear, especially that custom-made 25-pound Jori carved from hickory.