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Prowler Push, Sled Pull

The Prowler and the sled:  2 great tastes that taste great together!


Ab Roller Substitute

Ross Enamait just posted a demo of a great idea:  using furniture sliders (a.k.a. gliders) as a cheap and portable substitute for ab rollers.

What’s more, they offer new movements, ranges and directions of motion.

We love the idea — thanks to Ross for sharing!

You can read more about it here on Ross’s blog.

Chain Push Ups

This is a nice technique anyone can employ, using some chain weight to help overload the push-up at the top of the movement.

If you have a partner helping you train, they can assist by adding chain as you go and then removing chain as you begin to stall.

Pump Handle Lift

Kevin Wikse shares yet another challenging lift you can perform with a mace or similar implement.  He’s using a 15 kilo macebell here, which is impressive indeed.  We’ve tried it with just a 5 kilo mace and it’s hard as heck.

Performing the lift creates intense torque in itself, but the real burn comes on the slow lever down.  Give it a try!

Rear Lunge Pendulums

Scott Sonnon shares another great movement you can do with clubbells — the rear lunge pendulum.

It will work your entire body but most notably generates a challenging assymetric load on your legs.  It’s a lot like a one-legged squat requiring additional strength and coordination to perform.

Joint Mobility Routine: Maxwell’s Daily Dozen

The topic of joint mobility seems to come up on a weekly basis.

Recently we were turned on to “Maxwell’s Daily Dozen” from martial artist and kettlebell expert Steve Maxwell.

There are several other interesting and popular routines out there, and we’ll spend some time looking at some of those in coming posts.

Get Up, Get On Up!

The Turkish Get Up is a timeless classic, and as a result there are countless how-to videos on the internet to demonstrate its performance.

For our money, we feel Jason C. Brown of Kettlebell Athletics does a nice, succinct job of covering it head to toe while offering two different variations to choose from.

The TGU is a fabulous strength builder, and we like to use it between the warmup and workout as part of our ongoing skill work.