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Upcoming Ancestral Health Symposium

Thank goodness we follow Robb Wolf via his blog, or else we wouldn’t have heard about the Ancestral Health Symposium scheduled for Summer 2011 in Los Angeles.

And if we hadn’t heard about the Ancestral Health Symposium, we wouldn’t have known there was such a thing as the Ancestral Health Society.

Nor would we have seen their links to “Ancestral Resources” including Paleo Hacks and Modern Paleo.

As for the symposium, Dr. Loren Cordain is quoted on their website, pitching it as “The Woodstock of Evolutionary Medicine.”

Exact logistics TBD.  If it sounds interesting to you, then sign up here for updates as details become available.


Work Standing Up

Just because you have a “desk job” that doesn’t mean you have to sit there and take it!

Mark Sisson (of “Mark’s Daily Apple” and “Primal Blueprint” fame) published this thought-provoking post today about working from an upright position.

Don’t just sit there!  Rise up!

Paleo Just Another Fad Diet?

A fad? Seriously?

Judging from the tone of this recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Paleo diet is just another in a line of crazy fad diets on the fringe of the mainstream.

Wow, are we really as kooky as they would have people believe?

Also, can anyone explain how a behavior qualifies as a “fad” when it has been practiced globally for billions of years?   Sheesh!

[Note: a special shout-out to Chris over at Conditioning Research who brought this article to our attention.]

Paleo Diet Primer

The folks over at have just posted a nice, simple introduction to the paleo diet.

It’s relatively short and probably covers old ground for many of you, but perhaps it could serve as a good intro to the topic for you to email your non-paleo friends and family.

Paleo vs. USDA

Check out Paleo Cookbooks online when you get a chance.  They’ve posted a few interesting videos on their paleodiet channel on YouTube.

Their commentary on vitamins and supplements will give you pause, and will make you think twice about how most vitamins are manufactured (and what kind of vitamins, if any, you should buy and eat).

Some of their stuff on fluoride is downright scary (and, in fact, a bit too alarmist for some).  Then again, they make a lot of good points that merit further investigation.

They just put this one out today, and it’s a decent overview of the Paleo diet, with some specifics about WHY no grains and WHY no dairy.  Enjoy!

So Just Exactly How Paleo Are You, Anyway?

Results May Vary

If you’re interested at all in Paleo living, hopefully you’ve already discovered this fun little Paleo outpost in the blogosphere called “Pay Now, Live Later” — and if not, then I suggest you click on over there now to see all the goodies in store.

For today’s quick little dose of Paleo humor, check out their brief quiz to find out just how Paleo you are.