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Soft Tissue Work

Eric Cressey takes one of his athletes through his own prescribed daily routine of soft tissue work.

This is a great series that anyone with a foam roller can and should bang out before a serious training session (and ideally afterward as well).


Restful Day


Kick up your heels and rest today.  Revel in doing nothing.

Cherries for Recovery

Science Daily recently reported in this article that Montmorency cherry juice may aid in recovery.

This was specifically focused on recovery among marathoners, but it does reinforce what we already knew about phytochemicals:  they’re good for you!



El descanso.

A Brief Haiku Break


Put down the barbell.

Take a break from your labor.

It’s time for some rest.

A Day of Rest

Chill, stretch, grab your foam roller, rest…

Breakfast for Dinner

You know what?  Today we’re going to get in touch with that little breakfast-loving caveman in all of us.

For dinner, get yourself into the kitchen and fire up that chicken omelette you daydream about from time to time.

Go ahead.  Make it with a side a bacon.  Who cares that it’s after dark and you’re eating breakfast food?

The breakfast-loving caveman certainly doesn’t care.  To him it’s like a double-layer blanket of comfort food for the day.