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Ah, the Pull Up

Just stumbled across this great article on pullupsmanship from John Allstadt.

Some sage advice in there.


Scissor Lunges

If you’ve got a big tractor tire, here’s something cool and new you can do with it.

Of course you don’t need a tire to pull this off, but it does work well for this application.

The scissoring lunges will zap your legs.

Animal Walks

Today’s installment involves a rich set of bodyweight drills based on animal movements.

By the time you finish trying these, you’ll gain a true appreciation for the bipedal, upright locomotion we’ve evolved into.

Rope Work: The Grappler’s Throw

“The Grappler’s Throw” — a new move to add to our battling ropes circuit.

The Sots Press

Man, we’re really on a roll with Steve Cotter material these days.  Here Steve demonstrates the Sots press, which will absolutely rock your world.

There are plenty of videos of different folks doing this move, but Steve actually takes the time to explain why it’s so darn hard (namely, the complete lack of leverage it imparts).

It’s a relatively new training technique, named after the great Russian weightlifter Viktor Sots.  Although he was not on the weightlifting scene for long, Sots was notoriously strong as a bull and a real contender in the Sub-Heavyweight class back in the early 1980s.

If you’ve never done a Sots press, you may need to start with a lighter weight than you’d imagine.  Sounds simple enough (just do a press from the bottom squat position), but they are capital-T Tough.

Power Wheel Walking

Max Shank demonstrates a nice, long, painful walk on the power wheel.

Max is a strong guy, and it was tough for him.

Get out there and see how far you can go before breaking down. Your core will thank you.

Lying Tiger

Interesting moves we hadn’t seen before, coming from Steve Cotter.  These are apparently called “Fu Fhu Gong” or “Lying Tiger” bodyweight exercises.