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Good Day Sunshine

The sun.  Source of all life.

Are you getting enough of it?


Ah, the Pull Up

Just stumbled across this great article on pullupsmanship from John Allstadt.

Some sage advice in there.

Scissor Lunges

If you’ve got a big tractor tire, here’s something cool and new you can do with it.

Of course you don’t need a tire to pull this off, but it does work well for this application.

The scissoring lunges will zap your legs.

Soft Tissue Work

Eric Cressey takes one of his athletes through his own prescribed daily routine of soft tissue work.

This is a great series that anyone with a foam roller can and should bang out before a serious training session (and ideally afterward as well).

Animal Walks

Today’s installment involves a rich set of bodyweight drills based on animal movements.

By the time you finish trying these, you’ll gain a true appreciation for the bipedal, upright locomotion we’ve evolved into.

Rope Work: The Grappler’s Throw

“The Grappler’s Throw” — a new move to add to our battling ropes circuit.

Restful Day


Kick up your heels and rest today.  Revel in doing nothing.