This is the internet watering hole for A Tribe Called Fit.

We are a nomadic community of fitness enthusiasts — a gathering of modern athletes seeking the best of robust Paleolithic health amid the obstacles and challenges of our Neolithic lifestyles.

Our vision is purely verb-driven: to learn, grow, work, share, move, balance, strengthen, achieve, flex, extend, sprint, lift, spin, pull, twist, hammer, heave, whirl, push, leap, play and most of all — have fun! — in the quest for our maximum genetic potential.

In the pursuit of our regular fitness rituals and throughout our daily journeys, we find compelling artifacts of our physical culture, diet, and surroundings that are interesting and useful, and we share them with one another — and with you.

If you’d like to stay abreast of our findings, you can subscribe to updates from our homepage.

Welcome to the Tribe!


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