Brutal Recess Workshop

Had a chance to spend the day with Chip Conrad at a “Brutal Recess” workshop in Southern California.

“Stability, mobility and rotation through playfully intense movements.  That’s the Brutal Recess Concept,” according to Chip.

Wow, what a great time!  With Chip and his fellow trainer Tav as our guides, we took all sorts of familiar tools and movements and proceeded to get creative and funky with them.  The “Brutal Recess Mosey” was just one of dozens of things we covered.

Burpees combined with tumbling; pushups combined with joint mobility; lateral kettlebell swings; Sotts presses; yoga-inspired stretching and mobility routings.  And variation upon variation, leading the participants to realize just how limitless the possibilities truly are.

All in all, a blast and a real inspiration!

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