Train to Compete

Interesting discussion at the gym today, revolving around “training” versus “just working out.”

The point was made (and well taken) that you’re really only training if you have a goal of some kind.  Whether that’s achieving a PR on the deadlift or the bench or a clean & jerk.  Or winning a tournament, completing a race, beating your friend at tennis after years of losing, whatever it may be.

If you don’t have a clear goal to push you and ignite your training, then find one!

One fortysomething in the tribe recently decided to enter a powerlifting meet this summer just so he’d have something to train for.  He doesn’t really consider himself a “powerlifter” per se, and he doesn’t have any competitive powerlifting experience or friends who are into it, but he decided just to go for it and try something new.

This is the kind of attitude that is required.  Set your sights on a goal and motivate!


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  Eric wrote @

Bad ass…I support this forty-something all the way!

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