The Bandbell Bamboo Bar

Those of you familiar with powerlifting undoubtedly know of Louie Simmons and the unique devices and techniques he employs at his epic gym Westside Barbell.

One day soon we’ll look at sled dragging and box squatting, but today we wanted to shine the spotlight on one of Louie’s odder (but cooler) inventions — the bandbell bar.  Made of bamboo, it’s amazing how little weight it takes to make this bar unstable and challenging.  With just a few kilos of kettlebells or plates hanging from it, the bar produces an amazingly difficult load to control.  It’s perfect as part of a rehabilitation routine or for working a host of stabilizers in your arms and shoulders.

Louie himself admits that nobody really understands fully why it’s so effective.  One physicist told him it creates a “pendulum oscillating chaotic effect for strength” (whatever that means).

We love it because it adds variety, it’s low-tech, and it works!


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