Armstrong Pull-Up Program

A couple days back we shared two programs that folks have recommended to get more pull-ups.

The USMC-sanctioned Armstrong program seems to have a loyal following, but it does place some interesting demands on the athlete.  Some of these demands may require a change in routine and scheduling for certain individuals (in addition to the obvious will and determination necessary).

Specifically, Armstrong calls for 3 sets of max rep push-ups first thing in the morning when you get out of bed.  That’s all well and good in theory, but in practice some of us are waking up and going straight to dawn patrol CrossFit workouts — not exactly where you want to be headed right after milking your arms for max rep push-ups.

So do you just skip dawn patrol for a while, shifting your schedule to accommodate the early morning push-up load?  Or do you just damn the torpedoes and max out on push-ups anyway before hitting CrossFit?  Perhaps you just do dawn patrol and get your 3 sets in later in the day?  Or maybe it’s as simple as making the push-ups part of your CrossFit warmup?

There are likely pros and cons for each approach.  It would be interesting to hear people’s thoughts on this, or any reports from those who’ve tried the Armstrong or Recon Ron programs.


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