The Complete Burgener Warmup

Some of you who dabble in Olympic weightlifting may already be familiar with the Burgener warmup.

However, not all of you may be aware that Coach Burgener himself considers the “full warmup” to include his famous skill transfer exercises as well.

Lots of people have posted YouTube videos demonstrating the first part of the warmup, but few people have gone that extra step to include the skill transfer exercises.

This is a fantastic mini-workout in and of itself.  That 45-pound bar starts to feel pretty heavy by the end.

Definitely work through this entire warmup series, including the skill transfer exercises, each and every time you practice your Oly lifting.  And you may want to work it into your warmup routine even on those days where Oly lifting is not on the menu.  The warmup effects are great, and it helps build important muscle memory.


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