Paleo Solution Seminar Announced

On a very upbeat note, Robb Wolf has just announced the first of his new (post-CrossFit-affiliated) nutrition seminars.

(Actually, it will be his second post-CF seminar because the first one will be a sort of “make up” for those folks who got bait-and-switched by CrossFit HQ’s recent severing of ties with Wolf.  This first one will be in Chico on January 31st.  However, it is by invitation only to those folks who registered for upcoming CrossFit Nutrition seminars, thinking that Wolf would be the instructor, only to find out he’d been replaced by Dr. Barry Sears.)

For those of you already familiar with Robb and his work, you’ll definitely be interested to hear his uncensored take on how nutrition really should be best approached. It will be hosted by Freddy Camacho and held at CrossFit One World in Union City, California, on March 6th, 2010.  You can click here for more information and to register.  Cost is US$199.

From what we hear, Dave Castro will probably not be attending.  This is an explicit attempt to achieve better hormonal balance among participants by preventing the overmodulation of testosterone.


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