Paleo Pancakes

For those of us taking the paleo challenge this new year, today’s post may be a welcome addition to breakfast.

We had seen a pancake recipe on Mark Sisson’s blog last month, and decided it was time to give it a shot.

You may be thinking, “How can pancakes possibly qualify as paleo?”  Well, the answer is almond flour.  That’s right:  we use the flour of a nut instead of your typical grain-based flour.

In our incarnation, instead of measuring out the vanilla extract and cinammon per the recipe, we just eyeballed it.  And instead of almond meal, we used almond flour (the difference being that the flour is made from blanched almonds, while the meal uses almonds with the skins still on).

We also went ahead and threw some fresh blueberries in there (and were glad we did, because it added a great deal of extra flavor).

So if you’re going paleo and jonesing for something new to go along with your fruit, eggs and breakfast meat, then look no further!  These things are great!


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