Back to Nature

Today we’ll share a medley of movements we put together in a routine this past weekend.

There are a total of 8 stations:
1. Kettlebell rope drag
2. Track hurdle
3. Mace
4. Bulgarian training bag
5. Clubbells
6. Tire and sledgehammer
7. Pull up bar
8. Heavy kettlebell

It’s only 2 rounds at each station, but then again you only have 15 seconds to rest between each station.

Round 1:
1. Drag 2 pood (70 lb.) kettlebell tied to the end of a 50-foot length of 1.75″ manila rope from 50 feet away to between your feet.  Now sprint back and pull the kettlebell back to where it started.
2. Do a standing jump over the track hurdle.  (Our standard hurdle is an “Intermediate” or 36″ height.) Turn around and jump back.  Perform that cycle 5 times for a total of 10 jumps.
3. Do 20 two-handed mace swings.  To do this, start from the order position out in front of your chest; project the mace over your shoulder, around your head, and back over your other should into the order position.  Repeat, making sure to do 10 in each direction.  (We use the loadable mace from Stronger Grip.)
4. Execute 12 two-handed cleans of the Bulgarian training bag.  (Our standard bag is the “Medium” 27-pound bag.)  Go ground to overhead all 12 times.
5. Do 20 rock-it swings into a clean and order position with 10-pound clubbell in each hand.
6. Hammer the tire 20 times, making sure to lead with each hand 10 times.  (Our standard sledge weighs 12 pounds.)
7. Bang out 8 pull ups.
8. Snap off 12 two-handed kettlebell swings with a 2 pood kettlebell.

Round 2:
1. The same.
2. The same.
3. Perform 10 slow front squats, with arms extended holding the mace still and upright in the order position throughout.
4. Do 20 round-the-head swings with the bag, 10 in each direction.
5. Do 20 arm casts with a 10-pound clubbell in each hand.
6. Clean and throw the tire 5 times.  We added the twist of throwing ours over 6- and 7-foot posts.  This made the act of getting the tire back off the post quite challenging.  Our truck tire weights about 70 pounds.
7. The same.
8. The same.

This is a really fun type of primal workout that is good to mix in to your routine and keep it spicy!


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