Twelve Daze of Christmas

So much fun in store today!  In case you’ve never tried this flavor of a workout, we’ll warn you right now:  it’s got some kick to it…

The fun consists of 12 rounds in all.  In each round, you do that round’s work in addition to all previous rounds’ work.  (Read on for more details.  It will start to make sense.)

1. 50 yard sprint
2. Deadlifts
3. Jump squats
4. Pull ups
5. Push ups
6. Two-handed kettlebell swings
7. Wall balls
8. Tuck jump burpees
9. Kettlebell thrusters
10. Ball slams
11. Sit ups
12. One-handed kettlebell snatches

So here’s how it works:  Round 1 you do the 50 yard sprint, and go straight into Round 2, which is 2 deadlifts followed by the 50 yard sprint.  Round 3 starts with 3 squat jumps followed by 2 deadlifts and a 50 yard dash.  Then it’s 4 pull ups, 3 squat jumps, 2 deadlifts, and a 50 yard dash.  And on and on until you’ve done all 12 rounds.

As for gear, pick weights that challenge your stamina.  Shoot for 75-100% of bodyweight on the deadlifts, if you can (since you’re only doing a couple reps each round).  Use the same ball for both the wall balls and the slams.  You may want to use lighter kettlebells than you normally would for the thrusters and kettlebell snatches, simply because you may start to wilt by round 9.  (And of course you can substitute dumbbells if need be.)

Finally, you might want to plan for a nap later in the day, as there’s a good chance you’ll be needing it.  Ho ho ho!


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