Don’t Blame Your Genes, Dude

Several years ago The Physiological Sociey published an interesting article entitled “Body maintenance and repair: how food and exercise keep the musculoskeletal system in good shape.”  The article may be a bit too dry and scholarly for some, but it’s worth checking out for those interested in more details than what you find in most “popular” fitness magazines.

In browsing through the article’s research, though, it was this striking set of photos below that stood out the most.

These German twins Otto and Ewald represent an amazing example of starting with the same DNA and producing radically different genetic expression.  Photographed here in 1969, at 23 years of age, both athletes were in the prime of their track and field careers.  Otto was (you guessed it!) a long-distance runner.  Ewald, on the other hand, competed in the field events, throwing the hammer and discus, and heaving the heavy shotput.

It is left to the dear reader to draw their own conclusions on this matter, if any conclusions are to be drawn.

Identical Twins?!

One of these identical twins is a runner. The other lifts and throws heavy weights. Can you tell which is which?

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