Grace, Dismantled and Rebuilt

The folks over at CrossFit Brand X have developed a fun twist on the classic benchmark workout known as  “Grace.”  They call it “Dismantled Grace” and it is a movable feast.

Unlike the normal Grace, which is its own solitary and personal hell, they have structured Dismantled Grace as a 2-person team workout so the misery can be shared!

Basically, each of the two team members does all 30 clean-and-jerks (with the prescribed 135 pounds or scaled 95 pounds) as in a normal Grace.  However, the twist is that after each member does a set of 5, the team breaks down the barbell gear (“dismantles” it) and moves it to a new location 50 meters away.

To keep things interesting, the team must make 3 separate trips after dismantling (and before rebuilding): 1 trip to carry the clamps, 1 trip for the plates, and 1 final trip for the barbell, which must be jointly carried by the pair of athletes.  After the fifth dismantling and reassembly, the final set of 5 reps is performed by each athlete and time is called.

The resulting mayhem looks like a terrific variant on this classic power-based workout!

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  Eric wrote @

Make sure that everyone keeps their form good. I see a lot of rounded backs on the cleans these people are doing in the video. We want good times, but not at the exspense of our one and only back. The workout is great as I have done grace(not in this method), but I kept my hips down and back flat!

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