CrossFit Nutrition: Storm A-Brewin’

The Tribe is shocked to hear the latest reports about Coach Glassman’s public comments on Robb Wolf at a recent “CrossFit 101” event. Mind you, this is all coming from Robb Wolf’s site, and it’s possible there’s more to the story.  But on the surface, wow!

It’s hard to believe CFHQ is placing its business at risk by dishing out public attacks like this (and the now infamous confrontation in Austin) and flirting with the line between opinion and libel.  It’s also disappointing to hear that CrossFitters will be spoon-fed the corporate line about The Zone, and probably nothing but The Zone.  From the sounds of things, Coach Glassman is not a fan of Paleo.

Look for CrossFit-branded food scales on the CrossFit store sometime soon.

Who knows?  Perhaps HQ was hoping to have all this Wolf business wrapped up a bit sooner, so they could make the window for a Christmastime CrossFit-Zone co-branding mega-launch!


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