Pemmican, Yes I Can!

In case pemmican doesn’t sound familiar, think back to your school days when they talked about Native Americans and their diet.  Although its list of ingredients couldn’t be much simpler — jerky, fat, and optionally some dried berries — in a way, pemmican is the original “power bar” invented by ancient North American hunter-gatherers.

Today’s goal is to share tribal knowledge, so below we have assembled some artifacts you’ll want to study before setting off on your own “do-it-yourself” pemmican undertaking.

First off, although it has grown a little too commercial for our liking, we appreciate Mark Sisson’s blog for its interesting post on making pemmican, complete with a step-by-step recipe and pictures to accompany it.

Richard Morris, author of “A Life Unburdened,” has contributed his own very thorough blog post on pemmican, also complete with recipe (but no pictures).

Finally, one of the most descriptive pemmican stories out there is provided by Danny Roddy over at the Carnivore Health blog.


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