Beef! It’s What’s for [Insert Meal Name Here]…

Healthy beef is healthy for you.  Make sure you try to buy organic, grass-fed beef whenever possible.  If your local grocery store(s) aren’t coming through for you, try to make the rounds at a variety of local farmers’ markets, and do some research to seek out a good, local organic butcher.

Of course the leaner the beef, the better.  So lucky for us, the good folks over at have broken it down for us in this handy chart, which they also let you download in the form of a “helpful wallet card”. (Forget for a moment that it comes to us from a well-funded private agricultural lobby, and instead choose to embrace it as important tribal knowledge!)

Don't memorize it!  Carry the wallet card instead!

The Hierarchy of Lean Beef


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  Eric wrote @

Chicken is still best…also, no love for the ground turkey?? haha

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