Eat Your Eggs Already!


Thanks to Art De Vany for re-visiting this topic recently.  Sometimes eggs get a bad rap.  Even folks like Dr. Sears, whom many admire, will tell you that eggs are great but with the strict qualification: “don’t eat the yolk!”  Too much arachidonic acid, he insists.  Well, I can’t believe our primal ancestors didn’t eat the yolk!  (And they certainly didn’t avoid it because of arachidonic acid!)

Don’t listen to the hype: Eggs are great for you, and it’s okay to eat the whole thing!  (Besides, everything in moderation, right?)  Anyway, Art insightfully pointed to clinical research from last year suggesting eggs (in conjunction with a carb-restricted diet) play a positive role in building good cholesterols (plasma HDL in case you’re interested)  and reducing risk for metabolic syndrome.

You can read for yourself the results from American Society for Nutrition J. Nutr. 138:272-276, February 2008. Impressive was the percentage of participants diagnosed with metabolic syndrome going into the controlled study but who shed the syndrome and tested much healthier by the end.  This is likely due to the lo-carb diet more than the eggs, but still… one way to make the world healthier is to run more lo-carb diet studies!

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