Isle of Obesity

The tiny little island of Nauru, way out in the West Pacific, is officially the fattest country on Earth.

Blame it on the Western diet.  Video here.


Good Day Sunshine

The sun.  Source of all life.

Are you getting enough of it?

Ah, the Pull Up

Just stumbled across this great article on pullupsmanship from John Allstadt.

Some sage advice in there.

Prowler Push, Sled Pull

The Prowler and the sled:  2 great tastes that taste great together!

Brutal Recess Time Once Again

Another fabulous installment in the Brutal Recess series from Chip Conrad and the Bodytribe.

Here we witness a Brutal Recess from last year composed of froggy-style box squat burpees, sled dragging, cossack squats, and running.

This all takes place after the max effort and max repetition lifting component, which is brutal in its own right.

Lard as Superfood

Art De Vany just published a provocative article last month, asserting that fat is really the ultimate fuel for our bodies in the sense that we were designed to burn it very efficiently.  You’ll need a subscription to access the full article, but Art’s work is always thoughtful and very well-researched.

“The next high performance fuel will be fat when the research finally gets it right,” Art writes. “It is simple, our ancestors were capable of amazing performances and did it on fat, not carbohydrate.”

Scissor Lunges

If you’ve got a big tractor tire, here’s something cool and new you can do with it.

Of course you don’t need a tire to pull this off, but it does work well for this application.

The scissoring lunges will zap your legs.